At Distortion Studios, we’re more than just a virtual production studio. We’re a training centre for virtual production techniques dedicated to sharing our knowledge and expertise with passionate filmmakers. We’re committed to providing a safe, supportive environment where creativity can thrive.

We are passionate about knowledge sharing. We believe that knowledge should flow in all directions. We welcome anyone to call us or even better, come to the studio and exchange knowledge. We love chatting to other unreal artists, virtual production studios and immersive artists.

When you come to our studio you will find a bunch of people that love what they do and want nothing more than to talk about it. Please do reach out to us. People that you might want to talk to are Pete or Jonathan for general conversations or Amy for community outreach.

Our Local Community

At Distortion we believe that activism in your local community connects you to a wider world of opportunity. We aim to be a facility that can help to open the doors to a diverse range of communities who may have otherwise not been able to join the creative industries.

As a result, we have joined a number of initiatives to support our staff, the local community and those finding their feet in the film industry for the first time:

  • Better Business Better Bristol by Bristol24/7- Member
  • Watershed- Business Member
  • Creative Workforce for the Future- Partner in 2020-2021
  • Bristol University – Partnership
  • University of West of England – Scholarship
  • Creative UK – Investment Partner
  • Agency Collective – Member
  • EVCOM – Member
  • Bristol Creative Industries – Member
  • Dream Big – Partner
  • Creative Lives in Progress – Member
  • PACT – Member


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