At Distortion Studios we aren’t just a building with a lot of great tech. We are a close knit community of creatives, virtual production specialists, engineers and unreal artists. Our core team has forged a close working relationship over the years. We’re committed to providing a safe, supportive environment where creativity can thrive. In addition, our production company, Distortion Productions, is the UK’s Virtual Production-focused production company. We are developing TV and Film projects that embrace the creative tools of Virtual production to tell stories that would have been impossible to tell just a few years ago.

Steve Garratt – Founder, Writer, Director

Steve is Distortion’s founder and is in charge of all things Distortion Productions. He’s done it all: directing, camera operating, editing and even sports commentator! Currently mainly found in the writing room in the studio, Steve is using his endless creativity to write a number of innovative scripts. 

Jonathan Brigden – Managing Director

Jonathan has been working in the creative industries for over 30 years making him the perfect Managing Director- he’s seen it all before! From music to theatre, he eventually ended up in immersive technology in 2006. If you want to talk through a project and the possibilities of what Distortion Studios can do for you, don’t hesitate to give him a call.

Sabrina Bowman – Operations Director

Sabrina’s eye for detail is unparalleled. She oversees everything at Distortion Creative Group. Keeping a tight rein on the entire production process and ensuring that communication is constantly flowing is her superpower.

Gavin James – Finance Director

Gavin oversees Distortion Creative Groups finances across Distortion Studios, Distortion Productions and Studio Giggle. Gavin has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to TV & Film Production. Want to know how much a film cost to make? Gavin will know!

Nick Diarce – Technical Director

What Nick doesn’t know about video technology isn’t worth knowing. A long career in AV and immersive arts from programming media to untangling the ‘string’. He is the guy that makes sure everything works. He is a perfectionist. He is the guy you want on your project. He is quite simply, the wizard.

Pete Martin – Studio Manager

Pete has been running studios for 15 years. He is your main point of contact at Distortion Studios and makes sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone has what they need from the moment they walk through the door. If he’s not in the studio he’s waiting for it all to blow over at The Winchester 😉

Edward Vosper – Technical Artist

Ed has honed his creative skills after many years designing and animating at our sister company, Studio Giggle. In more recent years Ed has become an expert in Unreal Engine having completed his Unreal Engine fellowship in 2021.

Amy Hunter – Marketing Manager

Amy’s been working for Distortion for 4 years. She is the queen of all things communications and ensures that everything from branding, marketing, customer relationships and, this whole website is absolutely perfect.

Jeniva Chambers – Junior Researcher

Jeniva joins us as part of the Think Bigger training programme. She will be focusing on growing Distortion Productions IP, with particular attention to Belly Bongos and our young adult narratives. 

Conrad Bruce – Studio Technician

Conrad joins Distortion with many years of technical experience under his belt. He is under the watchful eye of Nick as he cuts his teeth in the world of VP. Conrad will be there to ensure that every shoot goes off without a hitch and with a side of Distortion charm!


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