Of course, creating a sustainable environment is something everyone strives for. We are on a path to net zero production. We are currently undertaking the Albert Studio Sustainability standard.

We are renovating the way the power works in the studio. We are having solar panels installed on the roof of the studio that will feed a battery array within the studio. This will enable us to maximise sustainable energy production in everything we do. Our energy provider is Good Energy a local supplier to us in Chippenham who use 100% renewable fuel mix. We also do not have any gas supply to the site.

We encourage our colleagues to commit to sustainable travel, whether it is cycling or walking to work, travelling for business on public transport or the company investing in electric vehicles. We have 2 electric vehicle chargers in our building that colleagues and customers can use for free while working at the studio. These, where possible, will be supplied by our solar panel-charged batteries making everyone feel warm inside that we are doing our absolute best to ensure a better future for our environment.


Of course, we recycle. We separate everything out and ensure that we have a reputable waste provider to ensure that our waste footprint is minimised. Our waste company recycles an average 85% of waste delivered to the gate. This figure compares very favourably with a national average of 65% and a regional average of 70%. Clean waste streams such as plastics and metals boast a 100% recycling rate.

In addition to this we aim to buy reclaimed items where possible. For example, all our racking in the studio is reclaimed from a local steel company. All of our office furniture in the Brighton studio is reclaimed.

We invest a lot in the latest technology and computing equipment at Distortion. When we have to get rid of computer equipment it is always in good working order but it is just not fit for the highest standards of production. We actively seek out users that might benefit from our still usable equipment. For example, we recently donated our high-level laptops to university students that might not have access to decent computing equipment. In addition to this, we work with Bristol Waste and their digital inclusion scheme.

We take pride in maintaining our equipment to ensure we can get the most use out of it, therefore reducing our need to replace products. We consistently ensure computers and equipment is kept in the correct environment, updated, cleaned and generally treated well.

In terms of our supply chain, we actively seek out suppliers that share our values.


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