FISTPUMP is a high concept action series that takes place on planet NIBIRU, a world of vast oceans, rocky islands, and archipelagos. Fistpump is a 7 x 24min action series for 12+ Body: To put an end to the endless wars between islands, the Thump’s created FISTPUMP, a unique battle sport, as an alternative to war. The winning Islands becoming prosperous and the losers resorting to feeding off the scraps. Now the people of Nibiru live in harmony with their world, but scratch beneath the idyllic surface and you find all is not as it seems. In truth, the world is controlled and run by the tyrannical THUMP CORPORATION through its global ownership of FistPump. Our story follows 2 teenagers, RONNIE, her brother iTEE as they search for the truth about their missing parents with the help of the mystserious DILLION, a boy with a mechanical arm and no past.