Welcome to Distortion Studio


Distortion Studio is a brand new Virtual Production Studio opening in Bristol in 2023/24. We aim to reinforce Bristol’s status as a UNESCO City of Film, by bringing a new offering to the city. Building upon the city’s already very rich history in film, the addition of a permanent full-scale virtual production studio will allow productions to be permanently based in the South West, reducing the need for travel or tricky on-location productions.

Virtual Production is a filming technique that uses an LED corner unit, camera tracking and a real-time gaming engine (such as Unreal Engine) to create beautiful animated worlds that move as you move the camera. LED Virtual Production is a step up from the classic green screen productions, one of the biggest benefits in comparison to green screen is the natural lighting created by the LED screen, and the creation of genuine reflection. The possibilities of VP are endless. It is not just a method for Hollywood production but can be used for everything from TV adverts all the way through to corporate virtual events.

Distortion Studios is located in Brislington, a quick 5-minute drive from Bristol Temple Meads and only 10 minutes off the M42.

The Studio is currently in the process of being renovated and will be ready for use in early 2024. We will be sharing updates and additional information on this website and across our social media platforms. (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). In the meantime, if you would like to know more about the studio or virtual production, please email Jon or Pete.


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