What is Virtual Production?

Virtual production is a modern filmmaking technique that combines real-time computer graphics with traditional production processes. It enables filmmakers to create immersive and realistic virtual environments and visual effects in real-time during filming.

During virtual production, actors perform in front of LED panels that display the virtual environments and elements. These environments are created using real-time gaming engines like Unreal Engine. This allows filmmakers to see the final scene while shooting, making it easier to direct and coordinate actors and visual effects. The use of real-time engines also allows for instant content changes, reducing the time needed for rendering before filming. As a result, virtual production significantly reduces post-production processes, as a majority of the “post-production” work is done in pre-production. This saves time and money. It also enables immediate creative decisions, experimentation with different visual elements, and the achievement of higher realism in films.

Moreover, virtual production can save even more time and money by reducing the need for expensive and complicated location shoots. Digital artists can create photorealistic worlds in Unreal Engine, which are then displayed on LED walls, perfectly replicating real locations. With some physical set dressing and props, it becomes incredibly easy to believe you are in the actual location. Additionally, virtual production allows for the creation of ideal filming environments, eliminating lost shoot days due to poor weather conditions.

Virtual production has revolutionized the filmmaking industry, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and visual effects. It has become an integral part of many blockbuster films, TV shows, and commercials, offering endless possibilities for creating captivating and visually stunning content. It can also be utilized on a smaller scale, from internal communication videos to virtual events. When done correctly, virtual production can be budget-friendly, making it worth considering for all types of productions.


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